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BIF has donated a "Brainz Monitor" to the Mater Children's Hospital.

For over 70 years the Mater Children’s Hospital has provided first class treatment and care to thousands of sick children. Access to this kind of technology would enhance the quality of this care even further.

This Brainz monitor is most useful for the Paediatric ICU team for patients who suffer epilepsy/seizures. Some children suffer epilepsy all their life, but other children will have seizure activity following an injury to their brain. The Brainz monitor is incredibly useful for recognising when the child or baby is having a seizure. The patient can then be given the appropriate medication if and when it occurs.

The Brainz Monitor also detects changes and abnormalities in a child’s brain function and is needed in the ICU. The Brainz monitor is a tool for providing additional information to both the medical team and to families for the child that is critically ill. Parents of children with acquired Brain injuries need honest answers to their questions so that they can plan ahead, as a child with a severe head injury will require long term rehabilitation and could possibly be wheelchair bound. The monitor helps provide information to families about what they should expect in coming years.