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The Impact of Your Donations: Transforming Lives through the Brain Injury Foundation

The Brain Injury Foundation (BIF) is committed to supporting individuals affected by brain injuries and their families. Through generous donations, BIF has funded numerous projects that have made a significant impact on the lives of many. Here, we highlight some of the Foundation’s key contributions and future plans.

Recent Donations and Their Impact

Your donations have enabled BIF to support a variety of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for those with brain injuries. Some of our notable contributions include:

  • 2024 | $10,000: Donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities SE Qld, supporting children and their families affected by brain injury.
  • 2023 | $7,000: Donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities SE Qld for similar support initiatives.
  • 2019 | $30,000: Donated to the Australasian Birth Trauma Association to hire a social worker for children born with brain injuries.
  • 2018 | $10,000: Donated to the University of Queensland to fund an academic scholarship for research into brain injury treatment outcomes.

These donations have facilitated critical services and research, ranging from hiring medical and therapeutic staff to funding academic research and developing support apps for families.

Who We Help

BIF’s assistance is directed exclusively towards DGR-registered organisations. This ensures that funds are used effectively to support large-scale projects and initiatives that can make a substantial impact.

Future Projects

We are always seeking new projects that align with our mission. If you represent a DGR-registered organisation with a project that could benefit from our support, we would love to hear from you. Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those affected by brain injuries.

How You Can Help

None of this would be possible without the generosity of our donors. If you would like to contribute to our mission, please visit our website at or contact us directly. Your support is invaluable in helping us provide essential care and resources to those in need.


The Brain Injury Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals affected by brain injuries. Through your donations, we have been able to fund critical projects that offer hope and support to many. To stay updated on our initiatives or to make a donation, please visit